Atticus Reinstate

Atticus Reinstate

The single biggest cost and risk to your fleet isn’t an accident.

It’s the way that accident is handled.

The average repair is only 40% of the total cost. That leaves a huge 60% of additional costs that at the moment of impact you aren’t thinking about. The good news is, we are.

We know that it’s the costs you’re not calculating that will hurt most.

Third party claim costs, administrative claim costs, personal injury and of course business disruption. The list goes on.

With so many factors (in and out of your control) influencing the situation you need an experienced team that can take control and protect your people and your business.

Why does an accident require a triage team and not a simple call handler? Because every accident is unique and every minute, every decision matters when it comes to reducing the impact on your bottom line. How the accident is handled depends on the type of damage to the vehicle, the manufacturer, incident location and circumstances plus an understanding of your priorities and timescales.

Atticus reinstate is a traditional accident repair service but it is far from typical.

It has all the features you’d expect, plus the kind of personal, skillful service that you hope for.

You could continue with the same old service and disappointments that have become standard in this industry but why would you?

Expect more. Experience better.
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  • Intelligent vehicle deployment
  • Pro-active, full, situation and repair management
  • A personal, dedicated, manager
  • 24/7, 365 service
  • Regular communication
  • Online real time repair information