Atticus Innovate


Without innovation we cannot advance.

In fact, we inevitably breakdown.

The pressure to reduce cost, improve productivity and manage safety has never been as great as it is now.

There is a constant strain on the fleet (and the person who directs it). A need to effectively manage and balance costs, driver productivity and create ultimate performance. 

But, what if reducing the cost of your fleet wasn’t a constant, never-ending struggle but something you actually took hold of and pro-actively used to your advantage?

What if instead of wondering how you were going to meet the ever increasing demand on your fleet, you knew exactly where and how the improvements were going to come and not only that but you were confident in the tools you had to get it done?

What if you could look forward with anticipation, confident in the capabilities of not just your fleet and the technology you use but also the behaviour and productivity of your drivers? What if they embraced these innovations as much as you do because they actually helped them?

Simultaneously, there has never been more sophisticated technology, powerful insight and valuable tools at a fleet manager’s disposal.

Knowledge is power.

Atticus Innovate brings together industry expertise and insight (including all the latest technology and tactics) with a deep understanding of your specific challenges to help you drive performance and achieve the very best from your fleet.

Technology is critical to performance.

Technology, and the insight it provides, is fast becoming the critical aspect of successful fleet management.

The Atticus team assist you with how to utilise these innovations to your best advantage for powerful fleet performance.



For accident prevention and improving productivity



For pro-active, intelligent fleet management



For fleet awareness, cost reduction and risk mitigation



For powerful insight that can direct effective decision making

Tactical maneuvers don’t have to be big to be mighty.

It’s not what you have. It’s what you know and ultimately how you use it. Every fleet is different and that’s why we assist you with what technologies and tactics are right for you, building your innovation plan around your specific challenges and resources.

There are things you must do, things you should do and things you can do. The power comes with understanding what those things are for you fleet. 

It’s the strategy that ties everything together yet it’s the strategy most fleets are missing. That’s why we start with it.

“Innovation is not just about technology. It’s about how that technology is applied to the fleet and business. Valuable ideas and smart solutions require exceptional insight. The Atticus team are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry and it really shows.”