About us


A simple philosophy that delivers extraordinary results.


We all know it happens, it’s the worst kept secret of our industry.

Atticus InnovationYet cutting cost does not require cutting corners. In fact, it requires exactly the opposite. Whether you manage a fleet, a repair centre or a business you need to be proactive, innovative and strategic if you want to hit your targets and keep hitting them.

For us that means being proactive at every step of our service delivery so our customers don’t just see a difference (in their bottom line) but feel a difference (in their stress levels).

Being innovative through our Network Methodology and Respect for Repairers Agenda so we can deliver the kind of personal streamlined service that minimises cost and exposure for all involved.

Being strategic in what technologies and tactics we use so our entire service offering is based on what really matters to you.

We know that in this industry, with it’s ever changing complexities, we will never be perfect. But we will always imperfectly try to be.


With cost reduction so high on everyone’s agenda it’s no surprise that there are some less than ethical tactics utilised in the auto-motive repair industry.

  • Cutting corners.
  • Squeezing repairers.
  • Second hand parts.


Our values were developed by the entire Atticus team from triage specialists to directors. They shape our culture and our behaviour which makes them the backbone of the service you receive.

  1. To show commitment to and make a difference for every single customer
  2. To continually push the boundaries of innovation in search of tomorrow’s solution today
  3. To undertake all activities with heartfelt passion for our service delivery
  4. To build relationships forged on trust
  5. To operate with 100% transparency at all times
  6. To uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions
  7. To create an environment of respect that celebrates excellence and honesty

We believe doing things the right way will bring the right results. But don’t take our word for it, try us for yourself and experience a new kind of service.

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