When it comes to Accident Management Specialists size isn’t everything..

In fact, when it comes to accident repair (and prevention) it’s skill that you really need.

The challenges on your fleet have never been so great.

The good news is that whilst the challenges become ever more complex, the insight, technology and tools you need to deal with them become more accessible.

With so many factors to juggle, a successful fleet needs a solid support structure in place. A strategy to drive innovation with the right technologies to back it up. A triage team that can handle accidents, claims and protect the business as well as the people. A specialist solution for specialist vehicles.

Atticus Innovation brings together everything you need to get the very best from your fleet. We designed it to be a little bit different to what you’re used to. We think it’s time for a more proactive, dynamic service don’t you?

Accident Management Specialists

Accident Triage

An experienced, knowledgeable team that have a proven approach to handling accidents and repairs. They have the technologies, network and relationships they need to match the right repairer to the vehicle providing a quicker, smoother and more cost effective service.

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Proactive Innovation

Sustainable performance and fleet innovation requires a proactive, strategic approach. We consider this the star of the show and a must for any forward thinking fleet manager.

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You need to drive performance whilst reducing cost.

You battle with fuel prices, driver productivity, vehicle safety, accidents (and the spiralling costs that come from poorly handled claims and repairs) not to mention the day to day demands of business.

Network Methodology

Selecting the correct repair centre to repair your vehicle is critical to the quality and service you receive. The expertise of Atticus Innovation and its repair network delivers this. We operate the most advanced and thorough audit of our repair centres of any organisation. Our standards include and often exceed those of the car manufacturers themselves.

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Respect for Repairers

It’s seems common sense to us that the quality of the relationship with the repairer will reflect the quality of the repair itself. We know from experience this is the case and now we want to prove it to you. Find out more about this important mission we’ve created.

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